What the boi$ are all about


We love the country we live in, all the lush green grass, trees, clear skies and lakes and beaches. We also love food - the messy, delicious, mouth-exploding with flavour kind. We’ve seen the stats and facts and know that in order for our land and seas to stay beautiful, and our food sources to remain consistent, we need to change our eating habits a little.

Wise Boys is a number of things we are passionate about, all coming together into one rad little scrap-metal-and-recycled-pallet-burger-shack.


It started with these wise words from the one and only Prince Charles:

"Faced with such a damaging and accumulating side-effect from the throw-away society, it is, I believe, utterly crucial that we do much more to speed up the transition to a more 'circular' economy - that is to say, one in which materials are recovered, recycled and reused instead of created, used and then thrown away. On our crowded planet this has to be a critical part of establishing a more harmonious relationship between mankind and the natural environment which sustains us all.”

We’d been feeling pretty gloomy about the state of the earth and the way our habits are changing the environment. Charles got us thinking though, about how maybe we could make the way we live more cyclical and less linear. In a word - sustainable. There are heaps of ways to do this, but we thought that a good way to start would be with food, since humans tend to need it on the daily. 

After much pondering, we settled on the idea of having a burger trailer and getting good food out amongst the people of NZ. And when we say good food we don’t just mean ‘good’ in the tasting sense. This is truly good food. Good for your body, good for the planet, good for local suppliers and hence good for our communities and the economy.

So with some solid gold supporters and a whole lot of gumption, we set about building the burger shack of our dreams.

The rest is history!

Here's some interviews, news and reviews: